Have you ever thought about having a hot date to impress our friends?

Do you get bored watching TV late at night on your own?

Do you wish to enjoy romantic conversation over dinner?


There are plenty of definitions online about who an escort is and what the distinctions are. The crux is that an escort is a person who is paid to provide a certain service (company at social gatherings, sexual favours, and the like). The concept of an escort is not gendered in any way whatsoever. The common assumption is that only women engage in this form of service providing, but what is unknown tom any is that the industry is gender fluid in a manner of speaking and employs all manner of people – cis, queer, trans – to name a few.

Escorts are high class!

An escort is somebody with high intelligence, that is self dependennt and works in a career that is profitable and that they enjoy. They are often very charistmatic females that are great company, and love to be around people. If you want to be the centre of attention or have a romantic evening with a beautiful lady, an escort could be for you!


There are a lot of different classes of escorts, for example you can get a high class esort service where a female will spend time with you, enjoy your company, and improve your self esteem. It's a luxury service that provides you with beautiful women that are extremely charismatic and funny. The process is discreet, so there's no need to worry about getting caught, and everyone will look at you and your amazing girlfriend.


If you’re someone who would like a social escort – the company of a beautiful person who will stand beside you at any social gathering – then you will need to know the following

Who offers such services

User reviews – while this might seem odd, most female or male escorts are hired based on their user ratings, an escort with good ratings usually gets top billing

Escort services don’t provide sex services – they are not pimps, so do not go to an escort service expecting them to find you a sexual partner

The mode of payment

Be very clear about your requirements – do you want your escort to meet you, will you meet your escort at a designated time and place?

Make sure the payment mode is clear and the person knows where to collect their money from – the side table or the bathroom for instance

The level of discretion involved while employing such services

There will be a careful background check to ensure that there aren’t any legal issues later on, be cooperative – this is a service you have asked for, be prepared for some scrutiny.

Be on your best behavior – your moral or personal opinion doesn’t matter here. Hiring an escort is your choice so make sure that the person whose company you’re seeking enjoys your company as well by presenting yourself well.

Do not for any reason hire an escort to get over your personal issues with women – even if they have given their consent to be hired for their time and certain specific services, it doesn’t mean they are willing to be abused (physically, verbally) or harassed in the name of their profession of choice.

While hiring escorts is illegal, it doesn’t mean that people aren’t doing it. More importantly, it doesn’t mean that these services aren’t being offered – the key here is in using these services for what they are and not anything more than that.